Awards Nomination Guidelines American Society for Engineering Education

Thanks for your interest in the ASEE Awards Program. Through the Awards Program, ASEE annually recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of engineering and engineering technology educators. By their commitment to their profession, desire to further the Society's mission, and participation in civic and community affairs, ASEE award winners exemplify the best in engineering and engineering technology education.

If you have questions regarding the nominations process or any of the information contained herein, please contact or call (202) 331-3516. Following is information and instructions to assist you in submitting an award nomination.

Nominations for awards to be presented in July 2021 will open November 15, 2020 and close February 5, 2021.

Nominators must collect all supporting letters and submit them as part of the award nomination. For online submissions, nominators can upload the supporting letters with the nomination forms. For hardcopy submissions, nominators should include the supporting letters as part of the nomination packet.


Who May Nominate

Nominations must be made by ASEE members for the major awards that are offered by ASEE. However, current members of the ASEE Awards Policy Committee and the award selection committees are excluded as nominators and/or as candidates for any award under their purview. Any exceptions are stated under the applicable award.


Membership in ASEE is not an eligibility requirement for the awards that are offered. Any exceptions are noted under specific awards, such as the Distinguished Service Citation.

How to Nominate

In general, all award nominations must include a nomination cover page, citation, nomination rationale statement, and curriculum vitae as well as evidence of accomplishments and supporting letters of recommendation. However, some awards have specific nomination requirements. Please refer to the award descriptions at for any special instructions.

Nominations should not include voluminous materials, such as exhibits, samples or numerous recommendations of former students. Clear, concise statements of achievements are of more value. Information from public sources such as Who's Who is helpful, but should be supplemented by information as to specific contributions.

Electronic Awards Nomination Form

This form will be accessible in November 2020 and will be available until the awards nomination deadline of February 5, 2021. To access the award nomination form, just log in from our website at and click on "Nominate Someone for an Award".

The electronic awards nomination form is used to submit nominations only for the following awards:

  • All ASEE National and Society Awards
  • John Leland Atwood Award
  • Glenn Murphy Award
  • Ralph Coats Roe Award
  • Frederick Emmons Terman Award
  • ASEE Section Outstanding Teaching Award

For all other awards, please submit a hard copy nomination directly to the respective Chair or Awards Chair of the ASEE unit that sponsors the award. To locate the Chair or Awards Chair of a sponsoring unit, please access the following lists:

ASEE Divisions
ASEE Sections
ASEE Councils

Nomination Form

A complete award nomination form consists of the following:

Award Nomination Cover Page

This page includes information on the nominee as well as contact information for the nominator.

Award Citation

A brief statement, not to exceed 100 words, giving the major accomplishments for which the award is being made. This will be used if the nominee is selected as the awardee.

Rationale for Nomination

A statement, not to exceed 700 words, on why the candidate is being nominated for the award.

Nominations for the National Outstanding Teaching Award: In place of a rationale statement, please provide a candidate's statement (no more than 500 words) regarding the candidate's teaching philosophy.

Curriculum Vitae

Degrees earned (university and granting dates); other postgraduate study; record of positions held (starting with most recent and working back, outlining dates for each); publications (including all books, published papers and articles); ASEE activities and offices held; awards, honors and inventions.

Nominations for the National Outstanding Teaching Award: In place of a curriculum vitae, please provide documentation related to the award criteria consisting of no more than 4 pages. (Other personal vita/information will be disregarded).

Accomplishments (as appropriate)

Nominations for the National Outstanding Teaching Award: In place of the following information, please provide the candidate's commitment statement to attend the ASEE Annual Conference, if selected to receive the award.

  • As an educator: Evidence of superior teaching; contributions to improvements in engineering education; high intellectual achievements; effective counseling of students; recognition of colleagues and students; productive collaborations with industry, government or other disciplines, and so on.
  • As a researcher: Evidence of outstanding research ability; recognition for contributions to the advancement of knowledge; introduction of new and improved laboratory techniques and instrumentation; authorship of influential papers, reports and books; acceptance of research results by colleagues in industry, and so on.
  • As an administrator: Evidence of outstanding contributions to education administration, in addition to achievement in teaching and through publications.

For ASEE Section Outstanding Teaching Award Nominations: Qualifications that are listed under the criteria for the Section Outstanding Teaching Award should be used to complete the "Accomplishments" section of the general award nomination form.

Supporting Letters

No more than eight brief supporting letters from colleagues (peers for Lamme Award) and former students should be included with all award nominations.

Nominations for the National Outstanding Teaching Award:  Please provide three letters of recommendation from students or past students; and three letters of recommendation from faculty, administration, or industry peers.

Nominators are responsible for collecting all supporting letters and submitting them as part of the award nomination. For online nominations, nominators will upload supporting letters to the nomination form. The support letter must be a PDF document. For hardcopy nominations, nominators will include supporting letters as part of the nomination packet.

Nomination Deadline

All award nominations must be received by ASEE Headquarters no later than February 5 of each year. This deadline is based on ASEE Awards Policy. There are no exceptions or extensions.


In general, an individual can be renominated for two consecutive years after the initial nomination. Subsequent nominations can be made after a one-year period. To renominate, send a renomination letter along with any updated information to be included with the nomination. Any specific renomination requirements are listed in the award descriptions.

What Happens After You Submit an Award Nomination?

After the awards nomination deadline, nominations are processed through our system and submitted to the respective ASEE award selection committees for review. After the winning candidates have been selected by the committees, the selections are submitted for final approval by the ASEE Awards Policy Committee. The selected candidates are then notified by the ASEE President that they have been chosen to receive ASEE awards. Candidates are given a deadline to confirm their acceptance of the award. Afterward, all nominators are notified by ASEE headquarters regarding the status of their award nominations. The above process is usually completed by mid April.

Award Presentation

All award presentations are made at the ASEE Annual Conference, with the exception of the Section Awards, which are presented at the Section meetings, and the Frederick Emmons Terman Award, which is presented at the Frontiers in Education Conference, are made at the ASEE Annual Conference. Upon notification of selection, the awardees must agree to attend the award ceremony at the ASEE Annual Conference. Otherwise, the award will be given to the next highest candidate who agrees to attend. Exceptions will be made for emergency situations.